Our Services

1. Stone facades

We realize stone facades made of natural glued lining or of massive stone formats, i.e. stone retention walls.

2. Stone walls and fences

In the field of exterior structures, we also realize construction of stone fencing and supporting walls.

3. Stone Wall Cladding interior

In the field of interior structures, we also realize interior stone facing.

Completed projects

We recommend our product and services to those who appreciate high quality and unique design of 100% natural stone wall claddings.. We follow a traditon of Masters of stone. We adhere to new trends using modern materials. Stone wall claddings is a luxury careless finishing to your house. This will last for many generations. This is a great investment for you. We personally select all wall cladding stones in quarries. 

We compose and adjust all stones with a traditional machines and techniques. Our team composes of an experienced stonemasons. We can provide various stone works. We have a team of experienced stone masons, who are the best of this industry. We can offer wide range of stonemasons works. First of all stone wall claddings, retention walls, stone fences and walls, cellars, retention walls, or revitalisation of stone constructions.

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