Our core business is realization of stone wall facades of a natural stone wall claddings or from a massive block of stone so called stone retention walls.In the following article we will describe what type of material is suitable for a facade and explain the difference between stone wall cladding and stone retention wall. You will read about most common mistakes in construction preparation
Please see our catalogue of stone wall claddings and retention walls.

Stone facade & types of the stone wall claddings.

The most suitable material for facade is non absorbing, colour and weather conditions resistant and antifreeze .
From this point of view there is wide range of materials suitable, preferably granite, gneiss, basald or our local sandstones or argillite.

Stone wall cladding or a retention wall?

We call stone wall cladding if the thickness of the stone is 3-5 cm. On the other hand the stone retention wall is usually thick approximately 8-15 cm or thicker. To make a right decision is to become acquainted with Pros & Cons for each option.

Stone wall cladding Retention wall
+ Lower prices and related works + Perfect massive look and beautiful details.
+ Wider material selection + Independent solution with no need of greater anchoring.
+ Lower weight of whole construction + Suitable for facade insulation systems
+ Realization not requiring a concrete foundation - Realization requiring concrete foundation
+Suitable for facade insulation systems. - Higher prices and any following masonry works
- Worse corner detail completed from thinner pieces of stones - Higher weight of whole construction

Construction readiness for stone facade

If you are considering a massive stone cladding (retention wall), it is better to include construction preparation within a project .
You will avoid to any further complications .

The most common mistakes are: non existing or insufficient concrete foundation base
or no solution of discharge profiles above a garage doors, windows etc.

In case of insulation facades most common mistake is applying polystyrene to each part instead to whole area
the use of non suitable plate dowels and mesh.

Our company offers complete consultancy complete consultancy.
If you wish to have a quality and functional solution please do not hesitate to contact us .
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