For indoors (interior) are suitable stone wall claddings with a lower thickness of 3-5 cm due to its lower weight and space savings.
In cases of no weight limit we can opt for massive cladding of 8-10 cm thick
which allows to use larger pieces of stone.

Stone wall claddings are always double-checked prior to dispatching. We adhere to a quality of every single stone.
For some types of stone used in the interior we personally select these stones in a quarry.

Masonry style is always confirmed with our stone masons. Most often are the stones arranged together . Most often the stones are aligned together
so the line between them is as thin as possible.

Realization of stone wall cladding in the interior>

Stone wall cladding is installed to a dry and cleaned wall. The surface should be always roughened.
Following that the wall is penetrated.

K for the installation of the stone we use a special non slip adhesive glues with higher weight capacity. The wall cladding is crafted
and fitted so the line between the stone is as thin as possible. In some cases the lines ( cleft) are filled with a smaller pieces of the stone .

After completion of stone wall the stone cladding is cleaned with an industrial vacuum cleaner.

Our firm offers complete consultancy services related to a stone wall claddings for interior complete consultancy.
If you wish for a quality and functional solution please do not hesitate to contact us.

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